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Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

With a wide array of surveillance options on the market it can be difficult to determine which is right for your business. That’s where CPS comes in. We help you determine the surveillance system that is best for your needs, then lead you through all of the specific steps necessary to bring your system up to today’s standards. Our surveillance solutions are expandable and customizable, they aim to consider future business growth and development.

Video Cabling & CCTV – Cabling And Wiring

CPS is a skilled experienced provider of video installations and surveillance equipment.


CATV (Antenna, Satellite, or Cable TV)

From a simple antenna hookup–to distributed video–to multiple TV locations offering any multi-input combination of Antenna, Satellite or Cable, CPS specialists ensure the layout, design, installation and maintenance of your security system.


CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)

Video surveillance has become a necessity for today’s thriving businesses. From indoor and outdoor to wired and wireless cameras, CPS will help you select the right surveillance equipment and provide a top-rate installation that will exceed your expectations.

CPS offers custom video surveillance packages. Our specialists can ensure the layout, design, installations and maintenance of your system will meet or exceed your expectations. 


Effective monitoring of key business areas. 

Remote Check-ins. 

Ability to view your building from remote locations.


Enhances workplace safety for employees.

Extra Assurance. 

Provides documentation to help protect against unjustified workman's compensation claims. 

Employee Monitoring. 

Track performance, avoid legal liability and protect your workforce.

Loss Prevention. 

Safeguard your products and assets. 

Visual Theft Deterrents. 

Prevent property damage and loss of assets. 

"We just had our new camera system installed. The install crew left the area they worked in cleaner than they had found it. They even cleaned up some of the existing data cables in our IT area. A few days later, one of our clothing girls noticed a purse was missing from the retail area. We found on video a customer slide it under some clothing, take it into the fitting room, only to not be seen again. I called the police and the responding officer was amazed at the clarity and options of the system we purchased from CPS. With the info we gathered and the supporting video, the merchandise has since been returned to us by local police and the subject received a $500 citation for shoplifting. THANK YOU CPS."

- Robert Bonner, General Manager, 

McHenry Harley Davidson/Buell Shop 



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CPS has been providing for our customers' needs since 1982. We offer a wide range of products and solutions to meet every unique need, and we thrive on customer satisfaction. CPS is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

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