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Why front porch pirates shouldn't be your biggest concern.

How to protect your business from ruthless cubicle criminals.

Sure, porch pirates are everywhere, and they’re swiping packages left and right. Odds are that you know someone that has fallen victim to these crafty crooks. Or, perhaps some of your own deliveries have been stolen right from your front door. Although devastating, in most cases the most valuable thing you wind up losing is your patience. If you’re lucky, the thieves walk away with a loud Hawaiian shirt, or perhaps a lovely pair of toddler snow boots. The opposite is true when it comes to businesses. According to Statistic Brain, crime costs US businesses $50 billion annually. Here at CPS, we connect, protect and secure with innovative products and solutions. Our experts have outlined some simple ways to safeguard both your home and your business.


•Have packages sent to where you will be. 74% of packages are stolen during the day while you are at work. Have packages sent to a friend or relative if work isn’t an option.

•Let a neighbor know. Neighborhood watches are some of the strongest deterrents of crime.

•Require a signature. Only your John Hancock will do.

•Invest in tech. There are many readily available, affordable doorbell camera options.

•Be specific with shippers. Stash packages like house keys. Come up with hiding places that only you and your UPS driver know.

•If all else fails, pick packages up.


The FBI calls employee theft “the fastest-growing crime in America”. And the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of employees steal from the workplace and that most do it repeatedly. Instead of lifting Amazon boxes, employees most often steal money, produced goods, professional supplies and sensitive information. These cubical, or corner office crimes are responsible for one third of all US corporate bankruptcies. The days of swiping a stapler are long over. There are specific steps that are vital to protecting your company from devastating loss. CPS helps you determine the surveillance system that is best for your needs, then we lead you through all of the specific steps necessary to bring your system up to today’s standards. Our surveillance solutions are expandable and customizable, they aim to consider future business growth and development.

Benefits of using security cameras

•Monitor key business areas.

•Conduct remote check-ins. Use our technology to view your building from anywhere

•Safeguard products and assets.

•Curb temptation. Cameras serve as visual theft deterrents.

One of our favorite options is the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera. It provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing and 100% cloud recording. It’s designed to be all cloud all the time. Pay only for what you need.

Another security measure that we highly recommend is limiting access to employees. Access controls help ensure that the right people have access to the right places at the right times. Tracking people within your facility and secured areas can address security concerns, protect private data and help avoid legal liabilities. CPS will assess your current infrastructure, customize a solution and provide complete installation services.

Other security suggestions

•Maintain an inventory record

•Hire smartly and supervise

•Manage cash flow effectively

•Routinely conduct audits

Business owners often don’t have security top of mind – only 1 percent would say that security was the most critical issue facing their business. Call CPS for technologically advanced products and superior service. We consistently exceed our customer’s expectations with industry leading services including installing structured cabling, installing and maintaining video surveillance and access control. We’re in the business of protecting yours, whether it’s a franchise, bank, retail, industrial or manufacturing, government, education, or large rental property. To find out more, contact us at

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