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We’ve cranked up the benefits of IP Audio

Network audio offers a whole lot more than just music and paging. It’s an effortless way to add value, and add an extra layer of security to existing video surveillance systems. All in one IP Audio systems integrate seamlessly. No additional hardware is required beyond the actual audio components. CPS certified installers will get your IP Audio system up and running with minimal disruption to your business. With simple installation and configuration processes, the transition from installing to using an IP Audio system is as easy as pushing a button. And, because there are minimal storage requirements and low costs, the return on investment is significantly high. Now that we’re grooving, let’s turn it up a notch!

IP Audio rocks with added value

Improved Security

Add an extra layer of protection to security systems. Using remote audio alongside remote video monitoring offers many benefits. Security personnel can verbally challenge intruders; use specific terms to reinforce that they know what they look like, and what they are attempting. They can also notify intruders that the police are on their way. In most instances, they will flee before causing any actual harm.

In larger businesses with multiple cameras, or on sites that are not monitored by security staff, the benefits of IP Audio are basically built in to existing video surveillance systems. Advanced audio analytics allow cameras to identify and detect car alarms, breaking glass, gunshots, and even elevated/angry tones of voice.

Aggression detection – Analytic software recognizes sound patterns associated with duress, anger or fear. The system automatically triggers an alarm, and/or streams real-time video footage to a control room or mobile device.

Car alarm detection – This technology is especially useful in parking garages and large parking lots. Once specific sound patterns are recognized, real-time alerts with location information are sent. Security staff can react quickly and prevent theft or vandalism.

Gunshot detection – Once the software detects that a weapon has been discharged, it triggers an immediate alert to security personnel. They can instantly replay the sound for verification and use the camera footage to assess the situation and react appropriately.

Breaking glass detection – An alert is sent to security to investigate once the sound of breaking glass has been recognized. Having analytics inside the camera saves the expense of installing motion sensors on every window.

Improved Customer Experience

While having music in a retail setting isn’t new, having a network audio solution that is connected to the internet is new. IP Audio offers more choices in background music and different tracks that can be used in different areas of stores. It also allows for public address announcements such as sales and promotions and welcome messages. These announcements as well as the music you play are all housed in the same device. This eliminates the need to manage separate systems. And, since this solution is connected to your network, remote management makes it even easier to use. The flexibility allows for even more scalability for expanding stores, or for retailers with many locations. CPS offers cost effective solutions that optimize both speaker placement and equipment.

Improved Communications

Zones allow retailers and other institutions to target announcements to specific audiences without repeating the message across the entire network of speakers. Schools and other large institutions with different floors, corridors and even buildings also benefit from a zone system. Smart zoning is useful in an emergency –alternate escapes and safe exits for evacuation can be communicated to those in need. Another advantage of smart zoning is the flexibility it offers. Zones can be reconfigured instantly without the need for new cabling. From simple single zone systems to large multi-zone multi-building voice paging, CPS has the expertise to design and install smart zone paging to meet your needs.

CPS has been providing innovative structured cabling, video surveillance, access control, fiber optics and many other advanced solutions since 1982. We offer a wide range of products and solutions to meet every unique need, and we thrive on customer satisfaction. CPS is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

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