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Boosting your Building's IQ

Now all facilities can become Smart buildings.

Network-enabled building management systems, or smart building technology helps automate building operations and result in significant savings. At one time these complex, expensive and seemingly unattainable systems were only available to huge buildings with huge budgets. These days, cloud based systems and IoT are enabling smaller buildings to benefit from Smart Building technology.

Smart building monitoring solutions help meet sustainability goals, reduce operational costs, improve the occupant experience, and achieve work-life ambience. They connect different components of buildings – for example, HVAC, water supply, lighting, and fire emergency systems. For the first time, these new products can be cost-effectively deployed. They can gather critical data and extend the reach of existing systems. The different types of applications with cost savings and ease of management benefits include:

  • Optimized HVAC Systems

  • Managed Electricity Reductions

  • Maximized Building Security

  • Smart Sensors for Lighting

  • Controlled Appliances from Remote Locations

It’s important to remember that smart building technology is only as effective as the building’s own internet connectivity. Oftentimes, smart features require additional infrastructure, like high-speed fiber connections, diverse access points, and cloud based systems. CPS is equipped with the most advanced technologies, innovative systems, and experienced staff. Our team can help your facility easily graduate to become a Smart Building. Connect with us to learn more.


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