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Access Control

Access Controls help ensure that the right people have access to the right places at the right times. Tracking the whereabouts of people within your facility and secured areas can address security concerns, protect private data and help avoid legal liabilities.

Maximize the security of your company with an Access Control system from CPS. We will assess your current infrastructure, customize a solution to fit your particular needs, and provide complete installation services.

Class Room - Access Control
Access Control Technology
limit access

Limit Access.

Program your system to allow certain users to enter specific areas at specified times.


Automatically locks and unlocks doors or gates at specified times.

track access

Track Access. 

Provides the ability to document and report access activity. This feature is excellent for providing critical information before and after an incident. 

integration and coordination
visual verification

Visual Verification.

Provides you with capability to color-code badges that readily identify visitors, temps, contractors, or full-time employees.

Integration and Coordination.

The capability to connect and coordinate with video surveillance, time & attendance recording, and control of heating and air conditioning systems.

time and attendance

Time and Attendance.

Record when a person enters and exits the facility on a daily basis. 

"Over the past four years, I have used CPS several times for all of my computer and telecommunications cabling needs. On completion of the first job you ever did for me, I was very satisfied and was extremely happy to receive everything I was promised in the quotation, plus get an excellent cabling job. I have never been disappointed from that first job to my last." 

- Manufacturing Facility Client

key card access control
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