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Your Chicago Heights, IL Door Access Control SpecialistsCPS is the trusted source for door access control in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Trust is not something that you earn overnight, and we have been building our reputation for more than 40 years, so you are working with a proven commodity when you engage Computer Power Systems to satisfy your door access control needs. Residents of this Cook County community have everything they can possibly want or need at their fingertips, and it is a fantastic place to operate a business of any size. We serve the entirety of the community, from the Dixie Highway/Flossmoor Road section in the northwest down to the southeastern State Street and East 26th Street neighborhood. Whenever you need door access control in Chicago Heights, Illinois, experienced help is just a phone call away.


We Provide Freedom of Choice

There are a number of different door access control systems that are widely utilized by businesses these days, and we have extensive experience with all of them, so we can provide our clients with total freedom of choice. We place an emphasis on customer communication, so we can and will gain an understanding of the nature of your facility and explain your options to you thoroughly so that you can make a fully informed decision. One high-tech system that is getting a lot of attention at the present time is the biometric door access control solution. It is virtually impossible to find a way past this type of system, because it is programmed to recognize physical features of authorized personnel.  Fingerprints or handprints can be utilized, and there are systems on the market that use retinal scanning or iris recognition.


A biometric system can be the right choice for some businesses in Chicago Heights, Illinois, but door access control can also be accomplished through the utilization of somewhat simpler forms of technology. Proximity card readers are very highly regarded for a number of reasons. The cards are long-lasting and inexpensive to produce, and they can be color-coded so users with different levels of clearance can be easily identified. You can also limit the windows of access through the appropriate programming. For example, if you have a work crew doing renovations for a month, you can give them cards of a particular color that is indicative of the fact that they have temporary access to certain areas. Another door access control option is the tried-and-true numeric keypad, and we have extensive experience with these systems as well.


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