Video Surveillance – Melrose Park

Video Surveillance in Kenosha WIWhen it comes to business, accessibility is key. With major roads like North Avenue, Lake Street and Mannheim running directly through Melrose Park, the area sees high traffic volume, which is excellent for local businesses. While more people traveling through Melrose Park means excellent growth opportunities, it also puts local businesses at a greater risk for theft and vandalism. In fact, areas located right around Melrose Park, like Maywood, Bellwood and Forest Park, see much higher crime rates. So, what can your Melrose Park business do to protect itself?


At CPS we believe the best defense is a solid offense, and a video security camera system may be all you need to act as a deterrent to crime and protect your Melrose Park commercial facility. Video surveillance makes your business a riskier target for thieves, and may make them move on to easier prey. At CPS, we are proud to be your local, surveillance systems experts, and we have over 30 years of serving Melrose Park businesses like yours. We understand that your video security needs are unique, and we have the ability to design a security camera system that is tailored just for your business. Security cameras can be positioned to effectively monitor your points of entry as well as key business areas, like stock rooms, offices, safes and more. Your system not only enhances workplace safety and supports other loss prevention efforts, but it can also improve employee productivity. Plus, you can always have eyes on your property, whether you are on-site or traveling. That’s because our video security cameras can be accessed remotely, allowing to to check on on your Melrose Park business and monitor your commercial property from anywhere in the world. When you select CPS to work with you and customize the perfect solution to your security challenges, you’ll receive abundant options and an excellent return on investment.


From the manufacturing and industrial shops on 25th Avenue to the car dealerships and retail stores along North Avenue, CPS can provide your Melrose Park business with the surveillance cameras and technology you need to secure your commercial facility and protect your investments. We know you want technology that meets your current security challenges, while remaining flexible enough to grow with you into the future. Our custom video security camera systems are designed to do just that. We can also bring your current video surveillance system up to today’s industry standards, and integrate all of your security technology into one complete package.


Melrose Park has made significant changes over the past decade, and the area continues to grow and improve, attracting new residents and businesses to this vibrant community. The technology you implement as a local business not only has an impact on your company, but on the Melrose Park business community as a whole. Let CPS bring your video surveillance technology up-to-date so you can enjoy security and peace of mind knowing your Melrose Park business is protected. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you!