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Video Surveillance in Kenosha WINearly half of all Kenoshans drive down I-94 to commute to other cities for work, meaning that there is not a large amount of business within the city limits. This presents a great opportunity, but also significant difficulties, for any business in Kenosha. Opportunities are simply amplified by being on the coast of Lake Michigan, having 21 locations on the National Register of Historic Places (including Library Park, Kemper Hall, and the North Pierhead Light), and the Kenosha Public Museum which features a woolly mammoth skeleton exhumed from western Kenosha in 1992. There is also opportunity because the high concentration of people versus the low concentration of business can become an asset and make your business significantly more popular quicker than it may have been elsewhere. Difficulty arises when you consider that you may be storing significantly more products or the sensitive information of many of your clients, customers, vendors, or partners. Ensuring their security, as well as your business’, requires you to have clear and constant video surveillance that can reliably help prevent loss.

Computer Power Systems is able to help your business prevent loss and monitor your business effectively. We do this by giving knowledgeable advice, continually researching the latest technology, and introducing new ways to successfully implement a security camera system for your business.

The best video security camera system is utilized in tandem with your team of security experts to remotely, and personally, monitor and patrol the premises not only for observation but for quick response as well. Observation and response doesn’t simply mean responding and observing theft or vandalism in progress, but security cameras have other ways of deterring crime as well as aiding in other areas. For instance, if a would-be criminal sees that there are video security cameras monitoring the area the likelihood of a crime even occurring at all drops drastically. In addition to criminal activity, video security can reduce the severity of disasters such as fires and floods. With a keen eye monitoring the cameras the beginnings of a potential problem can be quickly spotted and taken care of. If a disaster does occur that affects a significant portion of your building having a surveillance system in place will provide your insurance company with a quick and easy way to settle your insurance claim.

The Styles of Security

When you are considering installing security cameras for your business, you have several options. The most common and first consideration that your business may need to make is whether to use cable or wireless cameras, or a combination of the two.


Cable cameras work much like a cable television service. They are wired directly into hardware and transmit data to a central location. The main advantages of cable over wireless is that the resolution on cable devices tends to be of a higher quality, meaning that events occurring further away can be monitored, and cable systems also tend to be cheaper than their wireless counterparts.


Wireless surveillance systems provide your company with the ability to relocate your cameras with ease due to the fact that they are not directly connected to any hardware. Because of their lack of reliance on additional external hardware they tend to be more reliable as well. They do have the disadvantage of tending toward lower resolution due to the constraints of wireless transmission, but are still great for smaller spaces, such as offices or hallways.

About Us

We have been in the business of data transmission and security for over thirty years, though each member of our staff has decades of individual experience in different aspects of the business. We are able to convey our extensive knowledge to you, our client, in a quick and easy manner so that you make an educated choice about your business.

Our offices are located in Grayslake, just 40 miles from Chicago and you can contact us with any questions or concerns at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1600. We look forward to working with your business to improve your security systems.

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