Video Surveillance Systems in Joliet

Video Surveillance in Kenosha WIIn recent times, business in Joliet has started going by as fast as the cars at Joliet’s Chicagoland Speedway. With 150,000 people and rising faster than any other city in Illinois, if you blink, you’ll miss something important. That’s why it’s always important to have a constant, watchful eye on what is happing with your business. Not having a well-protected business can redirect all of the visitors coming in from Interstates 55 and 80 or visiting the Alternate Route 66 to your competitors. Installing a quality video security camera system can help you avoid that situation. After all, Joliet is the fastest growing city in Illinois and it is time for your business to grow with it by not only having great products and services, but by also avoiding losses with security camera systems. There’s no better time to invest in the growth and sustainability of your company. Computer Power Systems has been helping companies to return on their investment in their future by installing video surveillance for Joliet businesses, like yours, for over thirty years, providing: knowledge acquired over the years, experiences in many fields and a commitment to our clients.

A brand new surveillance system can truly enhance the ability of your security personnel, who will now be able to continuously monitor your premises and pick up on details and events that one person would not be able to notice alone. They are also usefully in instances where running documentation of events is necessary, such as insurance claims in the cases of theft, vandalism or disaster. Frequently, having quality security cameras installed means that you are able to see disasters beginning and early enough for them to be stopped before they get out of hand.

Obviously, the most common use of video security cameras is to catch crimes in the process or after the fact. Although video security is a proven method of accomplishing this, one of the most beneficial aspects of having properly installed and high quality surveillance cameras is that they can easily prevent crimes from happening in the first place. By seeing video surveillance in place, many criminals will think twice before attempting to engage in theft or vandalism.

The Best Video Surveillance System for You

There are thousands of different security cameras with different methods of illumination, different resolutions, capabilities and drawbacks. What is common about all of them is that the systems that they’re attached to can fall into two categories: cable and wireless.


Cable security systems can transmit a large amount of data through cabling and antennae throughout your premises. These cameras usually have a higher resolution than wireless cameras and are comparatively cheap therefore they are great in wide open areas, like large store floors or parking lots.


Wireless video surveillance is most useful in situations that won’t put a strain on the resolution of most wireless cameras, such as office spaces or smaller rooms. What they lack in resolution they make up for in reliability and mobility, both of which come from not being tethered down by additional hardware that could malfunction or get in the way if a camera needs to be relocated.

About Us

Computer Power Systems was started in 1982 and has a team of several people each with several years of experience in various fields, thus providing you and your business a wide range of expertise, backgrounds and options that are impossible to get with other companies.

Our offices are located in Grayslake, just 40 miles from Chicago and you can contact us with any questions or concerns at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1600. We look forward to working with your business to improve your security systems.

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