Video Surveillance in Wheaton, IL

Posted on: April 30th, 2015

Video surveillance and door access control for effective building security

Proper building security requires effective video surveillance and door access control. If you want effective building security in Tinley Park IL, Schaumburg IL, Oakbrook IL, Naperville IL, Chicago, Pleasant Prairie WI, Racine WI or Rockford IL, then you should consult with the team at CPS (Computer Power Systems).  They bleeding edge video surveillance and door access control solutions that will help keep your people and assets safe and secure.

These days there is a plethora of security equipment available in the market that ranges from wired to wireless solutions; from indoor to outdoor products; from basic standalone systems to distributed systems that work across multiple TV locations. Deciding which video surveillance system or which door access control system is right for you can be difficult and confusing. That is why it makes sense to speak to the experts who can help you make the proper security decisions for your business, company or organization.

Video surveillance is effective in deterring crime and unwanted behavior. Nobody wants to be caught on camera doing something wrong and as a result you will have less theft, less fraud and fewer false claims. Video surveillance can also increase productivity and be used in staff training programs.  You also get remote options where you can monitor activities even when away from your office.  Remote video surveillance can also be outsourced to a security company who will monitor your video feed on a 24/7 basis.  This enables immediate response to any incident or event.

Door access control is another essential cog in your security wheel.  Effective access control will only allow authorised people to enter your building. You can also extend access control to secure sensitive areas such as your computer room, laboratory or store room.  When you combine door access control with video surveillance  and intercom systems you create a powerful security blanket that will be difficult to breach.

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