Video surveillance in Chicago, Elgin, Plainfield, Joliet, IL

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

Video surveillance for improved security and safety

These days security is more important than ever before. Video Surveillance plays a critical role when it comes security in general and building security in particular. Video surveillance is important when it comes to prevention but can also play an important role in apprehension. CPS (Computer Power Systems) can help you with high-tech digital video surveillance systems for your business or organization in Dekalb IL, Joliet IL or Melrose Park IL.

Quality is an important aspect in effective video surveillance. Analog video surveillance was an important breakthrough in its day. However poor grainy surveillance footage no longer cuts it in today’s high stake situations and environments. That is why the main trend in video surveillance is the transition from analog (standard definition) equipment to high definition (HD) equipment. HD CCTV now features 4K displays and mass storage options and smarter analytics. This translates to improved safety and security for your business and your neighbourhood. HD technology will soon make analog technology obsolete.

Modern digital based CCTV cameras capture superior quality video and can also store far more footage than analog systems. Not only is the quality of the video feed so much better but wider viewing angles and night vision capabilities enables high-tech video cameras to capture more. This means you can see a lot better and lot more of things taking place in and around your business, building, facility or precinct.

Real-time monitoring is another important aspect of effective video surveillance. Highly integrated security systems enable you or a security company to receive surveillance feeds from any connected location. You can use any smart device to log on and connect to your security systems and surveillance feeds.

Video surveillance is not only important for building security. New trends and application in video surveillance include mobile surveillance through the use of body cameras, vehicle mounted cameras and even drones.





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