Video Surveillance in Chicago, Downers Grove and Joliet, IL

Posted on: December 25th, 2016

Video surveillance has multiple applications in a modern business or facility

Video surveillance has become an essential component of building security. In addition, it is also an important productivity tool. 4CPS can help you with building security and video surveillance in Chicago IL, Cicero IL, Elgin IL, Elk Grove Village IL, Joliet IL and Melrose Park IL.

Video surveillance captures footage of events in and around your building, facility or home. This acts as a deterrent to crime and wrongdoing. In this way video surveillance helps to prevent unwanted acts. If a tool such a video surveillance can prevent unwanted acts it is already worth its weight in gold. However, video surveillance can also provide vital evidence related to an event or incident, whether wrongful or otherwise. Video footage can be used as evidence in court of law or to help with an investigation.

When it comes to security video surveillance is not the only component that is important. A building security system should include access control, alarms, monitoring, notifications and response. For example, real time monitoring of video surveillance can trigger immediate to response to an incident. An incident does not always have to be one with criminal intent. For example, should someone be in distress for whatever reason, monitored video surveillance can result in the appropriate response and action.

Video surveillance can also be useful in the event of a work related accident. Video forage can be used to determine liability and assist with workmen compensation claims. Video surveillance can also be used as a training tool. For example, video surveillance could record the interaction between sales consultants and customers.

The mere presence of video surveillance will help to improve productivity. Apart from monitoring, employees will likely feel safer and that alone helps productivity. Video surveillance has many roles in a modern business, from security to analysis, from training to productivity.


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