Video Surveillance in Chicago and Elgin, IL

Posted on: January 4th, 2015

Video surveillance and door access control systems for effective building security


Video surveillance is plays an important role in security and safety and can also be integrated with door access control to provide an additional layer of security.  Computer Power Systems is a supplier of high tech security solutions in  Tinley Park IL, Schaumburg IL, Oakbrook IL, Naperville IL, Chicago, Pleasant Prairie WI, Racine WI and Rockford IL.


Building security aims to protect people and assets from harm, theft, vandalism and other unwanted acts and events. Video surveillance helps to achieve this goal since it deters people from committing criminal or wrongful acts. The fact that a wrongdoer could be caught on camera acts as strong deterrent to unwanted acts and criminal behavior. CCTV cameras can also be monitored in real time which enables security officials to respond immediately to an incident or event. Such surveillance could trigger a response to any situation that warrants it. For example someone might be in distress and need medical or related assistance. If the event is picked up on camera the required help can be dispatched.  Footage from video surveillance can also be viewed after an event and could provide important evidence for any related investigation.


Door access control is another important component of company security.  By restricting access to authorised personnel you reduce the risk that could be posed by intruders and unauthorised entry. This type of electronic access control can restrict access at the main entrance as well as access to sensitive areas and departments. Access can also be time-sensitive by only allowing entry to certain areas at certain times.


Door access control can also be integrated with camera surveillance and intercoms. This adds important visual and voice layers that ultimately help to keep workers safe and assets protected.  Video surveillance and door access control systems are scalable which means you can start small and grow bigger as and when needed.

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