Video Surveillance in Carol Springs and Niles, IL

Posted on: September 30th, 2015

 13 benefits of installing video surveillance and door access control systems today

With the increase in the crime rate over the last 5 years, crime has been concern for all of us. Therefore, for increasing privacy there has been a great demand for video surveillance as well as door access control systems. Whether someone is a property owner or a senior manager of a leading company, these two are a crucial component in an overall security plan. We can either hire security guards to guard the doors all throughout the day which means paying them a considerable hourly payment to stay vigil and watch our assets, or installing a video surveillance system, a one-time expense. In addition to catching criminals, they offer other myriad advantages that will not only protect our assets but also result in a safer environment. So, if anyone is looking to schedule an estimate for a video surveillance system at an office space, click on our website As pioneers in IP security, we 4CPS have developed partnerships with customers in and around Oakbrook IL, Naperville IL, Chicago and Pleasant Prairie WI. We have the perfect security solution for any company, be it big or small.

13 benefits

There are several benefits to having a digital video surveillance system and door access control systems today. Below are some of those benefits and they are:

  1. They provide protection of your most valuable assets
  2. They require minimal cost for upkeep
  3. They can improve the productivity or efficiency of the employees, i.e., making sure that our staff members are performing at their level best and also providing adequate customer service
  4. Acts as a major deterrent to crime
  5. They are both cost-effective and scalable
  6. They can provide a huge discount on any business insurance policy.
  7. Prevent any further robbery
  8. Around-the-clock defence
  9. Variable designs that can be customized too
  10. Prevents shop-lifting
  11. They help in monitoring any harassment in offices by recording both audio as well as video
  12. They provide an accurate portrayal of any incident.
  13. Staff accountability, i.e., who enters or exits when and where

So, we can say video or a door security system is something that all of us are proud of.

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