Video Surveillance Systems in Gurnee, IL

Gurnee Video SurveillanceWith less than 35,000 people, 49% of whom commute to work, Gurnee is the perfect place for a business to grow. With the right type of advertising and a well-placed location you could become popular among the locals in the community, just as Six Flags Great America is. Not only does Gurnee boast great tourist attractions, it is also right off of I-94 and Highway 41, bringing many travelers through the town and encouraging families to stay due to the town being host to dozens of parks, including Viking Park and Betty Russell Park. This is a town ripe with business growth opportunities, especially in the Gurnee Mills Mall, which is the top employer of the town, providing over 5,000 jobs across nearly 200 stores. One way to ensure that this growth takes place is by installing video surveillance systems installed by Computer Power Systems. Our ability to secure businesses and allow them to thrive has been proven time and time again over the past thirty years.

Video security is one of the most common methods of loss prevention for one simple reason: it works. It doesn’t only catch criminals red-handed; it can actually prevent crime from happening in the first place. By displaying that there is a camera on the premises it is less likely that people who are thinking about theft will actually carry out a theft.

In addition to loss prevention from malicious intent, there are many other ways that having a security camera system can solidify the well being of your business. If a disaster occurs in your business, such as a fire, flood, or other damaging catastrophe, you will be able to turn the tape into your insurance company for a no-hassle claim settlement. Additionally, if a disaster starts and it’s caught on camera, someone may be able to notice it and stop it, before it spreads and causes significant damage. By having a video security camera system installed on your premises you can be confident in knowing that your business is safe from almost any threat.

Choosing a Security Camera System

There are several hundred models of security cameras on the market today but they generally fall into two categories: wireless and cable. Knowing the difference between the two will allow you to make a smarter decision about which video security camera system is right for your unique business.


Surveillance cameras that utilize cable for the transmission of data are not that different than cable television. Because they are easy to install and implement, and use more common materials, they tend to be cheaper than their wireless counterparts. In addition, they tend to take video in a much higher resolution, making them perfect for securing larger areas.

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