Video Surveillance Systems – Elk Grove Village

Hundreds of people flock to Elk Grove Village each year to visit the Ned Brown Forest Preserve, also known as Busse Woods, or to watch and participate in the Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove. With so many people constantly coming in and out of the city from O’Hare Airport, only fifteen minutes away, it’s absolutely necessary for any business owner to add high-quality surveillance systems to protect their company. Having proper security is vital to sustaining business growth and development and that’s where Computer Power Systems comes in to support you. We have had the privilege of serving the businesses of Elk Grove Village for over thirty years, just 26 years after the city’s founding, and displaying our commitment to business security.

Having a security camera system installed means that you get to have the same comfort as some of the biggest employers in Elk Grove Village, such as Alexian Brothers Medical Center and Material Science Corporation.

With a quality video surveillance system at your fingertips, you have several distinct advantages over those who do not. Obviously, security cameras can catch thieves but, many times, theft is prevented outright by the would-be thief seeing the camera and thinking twice. Having surveillance cameras installed also means that you can react to disasters significantly faster if you happen to catch them on camera. Floods, fires, and other potential disasters can be stopped in their tracks. If a disaster of any kind does occur on your premises, with video security cameras in place, you will have documentation of the disaster that can be easily turned in to an insurance company.

Choosing Your Business’ Video Security Camera System

Many people think of security cameras as little more than regular camcorders attached to a room full of VCRs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With technology advancing and improving on the design of security systems every day, there are several designs of cameras and systems to choose from.


Cable systems are tethered to a focal point or transmitted over antennae to a central location. This type of system is not unlike cable television in many respects. It is a very cheap and quick system to implement and the images will come through crystal clear but the wiring can be messy and the cameras, once they’re in place, are more difficult to move. Generally, because of their low cost and long range, cable cameras are ideal for any wide areas, like parking lots.

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