Video Surveillance – Bolingbrook, IL

surveillance-209MFD MegacameraWith a strong retail presence, video security plays an important role in protecting Bolingbrook businesses. From Bolingbrook Commons Shopping Center to The Promenade Bolingbrook, local businesses are using video security camera systems to protect their assets and safeguard their business from theft. The truth is, all businesses can benefit from video surveillance, regardless of the industry and facility size. At CPS, we are proud to serve Bolingbrook businesses with the complete scope of surveillance systems, so you can have protection and peace of mind when you entrust us with your security camera system needs.


Whether you operate a restaurant on East Boughton Road, an office building off I-53 or a manufacturing facility on Remington Boulevard, CPS has the experience and resources to evaluate your security challenges and provide efficient, cost-effective surveillance camera solutions. In fact, we have served Bolingbrook and the surrounding Chicagoland area communities with state-of-the-art security cameras for more than 3 decades. This experience allows us to customize surveillance camera systems to meet virtually any commercial requirement. We know you want solutions that fit your needs and your budget, and CPS is equipped to provide you with just that.


Today’s video security cameras do so much more than just monitor your points of entry. In addition to loss prevention and theft deterrence, they also allow you to monitor your business from anywhere. So, whether you are having a business lunch on South Weber Road or traveling across the globe, you can always check up on your staff and facility right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to keep your employees accountable for the time they spend at work, eliminating late arrivals, excessively long lunches, fraternizing in the break room and hours of time wasted on social media sites and surfing the web. When placed in loading docks and warehouses, security cameras can also help promote a safer work environment by encouraging your staff to follow safety protocols and safeguarding your Bolingbrook business from liability associated with unjustified worker’s comp claims. Whatever your goals, CPS will work with you to understand your needs, evaluate your facility’s layout and design and install a video security camera system that provides you with an excellent value for your investment. Our security camera systems are designed to meet your needs today, while remaining flexible enough to grow with your Bolingbrook business in the future. At CPS, we don’t just sell surveillance cameras, we partner with you to help you achieve your video security goals. Plus, we are here to support you with maintenance and repair, if ever you need it.


CPS is the name to know for technology for tomorrow. We welcome the opportunity to work with your Bolingbrook, IL business and outfit your facility with video security cameras that keep you up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Experience the difference yourself, and contact us today to learn more about our surveillance system technologies.  We look forward to working with you today and in the future