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CPS specializes in video security solutions, access control and structured cabling. We have been improving both residential and commercial security in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1982. As one of the top 15 largest communities in Illinois, Arlington Heights is one of the many Chicago suburbs we know — because we’ve been providing security solutions in the area for quite a while.

Arlington Heights is home to a thriving community engaging in a wide range of successful business ventures. Currently, there are numerous real estate development projects under way, which make Arlington Heights a great place to live and work. This charming town is also a tourist attraction, with its many parks and amenities, including unique hotels and fine restaurants.

If you live or work in Arlington Heights — whether in the downtown area of Arlington Heights, the Central Business District or any other location — and consider purchasing and installing a security camera system, CPS can help.

Video surveillance is one of the handiest ways to ensure security, both at home and at work. Technological advances have improved video security, and there is a wide range of surveillance systems on the market, which are now accessible for mostly everyone. Whether you want to protect your business or your house, you have plenty of options when it comes to video surveillance. Below you can find some tips from CPS professionals specializing in video surveillance systems, which might help you find the best video security solution for you.

Choose Between Wired and Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

If you decide to install a video security camera system in Arlington Heights, IL, you can choose between wired or wireless cameras. By connecting wired video cameras to a DVD, you can record and store video images for security purposes. Wired video surveillance cameras are affordable, and you can find packages including a larger number of cameras to cover your whole house or business premises. The major drawback is the cabling. A wired connection for an office or a house involves a lot of wires. Unless you ask a professional to install your wired video security camera system in Arlington Heights, IL, doing it by yourself can be messy, as there will be a lot of cords sticking out from behind cameras or lying around on the floor. On the other hand, you can opt for wireless video cameras. They are more expensive, but they allow you to circumvent the messy cabling issue. Instead of storing footage on a DVD, they use SD cards, so you don’t need to surround your house with long cords. However, not all wireless cameras are the same. Some have a low resolution, which make it hard to identify things and people in the recorded images. Moreover, SD cards have a limited storage space, allowing you to record footage for a short period of time. For larger SD cards, you need to pay extra money. Also, wireless camera packages include just one or two cameras, while wired camera packages may include four to eight cameras. However, if you want to keep up with the latest technology in the field, and minimize clutter in your office or home, wireless security cameras are a good investment, which will pay off over the long term.

Let the Pros Take Care of Your Video Surveillance in Arlington Heights, IL

When it comes to security you want the best. This means high quality tools and reliable companies that can supply and install them. By choosing a professional company to help you select and install the best surveillance systems in Arlington Heights, IL, you can be sure that your security is in safe hands.

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