Video Surveillance and Door Access Control in Elgin and Gurnee, IL

Posted on: February 26th, 2014

One-stop Video Surveillance and Door Access Control solutions from CPS

Small business, residential apartment blocks and large companies all need some form of security. Access control and video monitoring will greatly improve your building security and help to deter potential con-artists, gangsters, thieves, spies and other criminals. Whether you own a block of flats in Kenosha, a jewelry store in McHenry II or a big company in Naperville, you need effective and proper building security that prevents unwanted intrusions and protects innocent people as well as valuable assets. Computer Power Systems install and maintain building and corporate security systems in the state of Wisconsin, from Kenosha to Naperville.

Door access control means only people with access cards and security codes can enter your building. Access control can also provide additional corporate security with flexible and programmable access to certain areas in a building. In addition electronic access eliminates the use of keys and all the risks associated with traditional lock and key systems.

Video monitoring systems add an additional layer of building security by recording activities in and around entry points, exit points and exterior areas of your property. Real time recordings can trigger real time response and action.

Modern day corporate security also requires high tech cables and wires to connect all the important pieces of equipment. CPS offers a one stop solution to your corporate and building security needs. These include structured cable installations involving fibre optic and other high tech cables and wires.  Their access control systems let you control access, monitor access, automate access and implement time and attendance systems.

Video surveillance and CCTV systems enable you or a 3rd party to monitor key business areas. This can be done in-house or from a remote location. Loss prevention is the key benefit of modern security systems that are designed and engineered to protect you, your people and your assets, possessions and information.

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