Video Surveillance and Door Access Control in Chicago, Elgin, Elk Grove Village

Posted on: April 7th, 2014

Video Surveillance and door access control secures your facility

Security is not just about physical safety but also about loss prevention. Video surveillance is the best way to help ensure safety and prevent losses as a result of theft, fraud and other illegal acts.  Now 4CPS can help secure your facility in Elgin, Kenosha, Racine or Rockford IL with high tech security and surveillance cameras.

A professional security company will perform a virtual assessment of your site and advise you regarding the number and type of cameras that will be best for your needs.  This way you get a detailed threat and vulnerability assessment.

A modern video surveillance system will provide many benefits including

  • Improved safety
  • Crime deterrent
  • Loss prevention
  • Evidence for incident investigation

And when you need security at your fingertips you can also monitor your cameras remotely from your smart phone or tablet.

When it comes to security, video surveillance and door access control are two sides of the same coin.  Access control complements your video surveillance and improves the overall security of your facility. With a modern access control system you can throw away the keys and replace them with push button access.  We are talking about digital locks, commercial readers, electromagnetic locks, mechanical push button locks and more.  These systems are suitable for advanced commercial access control as well as easy and convenient residential access.

And you are not limited to controlling your main building entrance.  Door access control can extend to any department, branch or sensitive area in your business or organization. You can also integrate your door access control with a time and attendance system thereby simplifying your accounting and your payroll.

Whether you need a stand-alone access control system in Elgin or an online system with biometric readers in Rockford, you will find the right video surveillance and integrated door access control system from 4CPS.

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