Video Surveillance Systems in Chicago

Video Surveillance in ChicagoWith over nine million people in the Chicago Metro Area, if something were to happen to your business it would be difficult to know what exactly happened without the power of a crystal clear video surveillance system. Chicago, also known as “The Windy City” and “The Second City,” isn’t simply one of the most populous cities in the nation, but one of the most important financial hubs, producing goods and services worth over half a trillion dollars. This is in no small part because of the several Fortune 1000, 12 Fortune Global 500, and the 17 Financial Times 500 companies that Chicago is host to, such as Boeing. Becoming such a booming economic powerhouse doesn’t come without being able to properly secure and monitor business practices. Computer Power Systems’ business is keeping your business safe and connected. We have been proving our commitment to our clients and dedication to The Loop’s security technology for well over thirty years.

By installing one of CPS’ video security camera systems on your premises you can enjoy the peace of mind that many of Chicago’s largest companies enjoy by knowing that your business is continually monitored. These types of systems can be invaluable to your business because they are running documentation of everything going on in and around your business.

With one of CPS’ surveillance camera systems augmenting your security force, you can be sure that you are able to guarantee that your customers and products are safe from crime whether you’re outside of the hustle and bustle of the city or if you’re on the crazy and crowded Magnificent Mile or State Street. Security camera systems are also able to deter theft without even catching anyone in the act. Just the presence of visible security systems can reduce loss significantly by deterring would-be criminals.

Choosing a Video Surveillance System

Contrary to what many people may think, there are several types of surveillance systems to choose from. While both have distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other, either is advantageous to have for your business.


Cable security systems are precisely that: systems that utilize cable for the transmission of data and images, not unlike the cable that may run into your television. Cable options are generally very cheap and high resolution but, because of the wiring, can be very messy and not as reliable as wireless camera systems. Because of the high resolution and ability to see at a distance, these solutions are usually better utilized in larger areas.


Wireless cameras take away the clutter of having cabled surveillance cameras and are incredibly easy to move around if you find that other areas need additional monitoring or if remodeling makes a camera move necessary. They are slightly more expensive and some lack the resolution of cable systems, but technology is quickly improving and becoming vastly cheaper every day. Wireless cameras are usually best suited for smaller areas or single rooms.

About CPS

Computer Power Systems was started in 1982 and has a team of several people each with several years of experience in various fields, thus providing you and your business a wide range of expertise, backgrounds, and options that are impossible to get with other companies.

Our offices are located in Grayslake, just 40 miles from Chicago and you can contact us with any questions or concerns at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1600. We look forward to working with your business to improve your security systems.

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