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In Valparaiso, Indiana door access control is going to be a priority for many business owners and decision makers. Our company, Computer Power Systems, has been an industry leader in this area for more than three decades, and we sit poised on the cutting edge of modern technology. This historic Porter County city is a fantastic place to live, with cultural jewels like the TaltreeArboretum and Gardens, the Downtown Commercial District, the Washington Street Historic District, and the Brauer Museum of Art. Educational opportunities abound, so there are many students who consistently add to the vibrancy. It is also a fine place to run a business, and we are glad to be able to provide service to all parts of town, from Boone Grove to Hurlbert to Shorewood Forest to Wheeler. Whenever you need door access control and Valparaiso, IN, CPS you will be standing by to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

We Provide Freedom of Choice

There are a number of different door access control systems Valparaiso, Indiana businesses can choose from, and we would be more than glad to explain your options to you so that you can make a fully informed decision. One tried-and-true possibility would be a numeric keypad entry control system, and we have a great deal of expertise with these products and the wiring that they require. We also work with proximity card readers, and many businesses find that this type of system is the ideal choice. The cards that are issued to employees and others who may have access to the property are very inexpensive and long lasting. They can be color-coded for identification purposes, and you have a lot of flexibility with regard to the way that you program the windows of access. Plus, you can run reports to keep track of the utilization of the cards, so you can track the attendance and timeliness of your employees. Biometric entry and exit systems are also getting a lot of attention these days. The biometric door access control systems Valparaiso, IN clients can obtain from our company provide maximum security, because counterfeiting is not possible. These systems are activated by the presentation of physical characteristics, like fingerprints, and there are even systems that use retina scanning.

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If you would like to learn more about our door access control systems, we can be reached by phone at 847-548-1600, and our toll-free number is 800-762-7672.