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Network Wiring in McHenry

Technology has provided businesses with many different options in many different areas, but communications technology has always been dominated by cabling and wiring. Adding quality structured cabling to your business can provide your business with an invaluable resource, namely, the ability to attract customers to your business, regardless of whether they’re simply passing through on the Metra Union Pacific/Northwest Line, shopping at the oft-visited the Richmond Road corridor, or visiting one of the many parks and reserves in McHenry, which include the Moraine Hills State Park, Volo Bog State Natural Area, McCollum Lake, or Wonder Lake. Computer Power Systems has been providing network cabling and structured wiring to businesses throughout McHenry, delivering expert, up to date knowledge and excellent customer service in the process. Allowing CPS to install your structured cabling and wiring will connect you to nearby cities like Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago, both of which would normally take over an hour to get to.

Being able to communicate with the world has never been more important than it is today, which means that high-speed phone and data cabling is absolutely imperative to your business. Having a superior communications system in place opens up new doors and methods of communication that would not otherwise be available to your business such as VoIP, web site design, and cloud computing. Utilizing these services allows you to create relationships with other businesses, develop a network of clients and vendors, find new customers, and deliver quality services to the customers you already have.

From McHenry to the World

Network wiring has a significant amount of nuance and specificity that CPS is trained and certified in, but knowing whether your company needs Ethernet cabling or Fiber Optic cabling is crucial and will help your structured cabling installation service to work with you on what your exact, unique needs are as a company and what you can expect from different styles of structured cabling.

The main difference between Ethernet and Fiber Optic cabling, not only in how they are manufactured but also in how they perform, is the material that they are made out of. Ethernet cables, being made largely of copper, transmit information through series’ of electrical impulses. Fiber Optic cabling, on the other hand, is made of glass or plastic and transmits data through impulses of light. These forms of transmission create unique circumstances, advantages, and disadvantages for each type of cabling. Ethernet cables tend to be able to send information in larger packets, meaning quicker connection speed, but Fiber Optic tends to transmit information over significantly longer distances, unlike the comparatively short distance of Ethernet. Knowing how far your cabling will need to be will be a huge determining factor in what will be right for your company.

Above and Beyond Service

CPS does not simply install your structured cabling and leave. Our certified technicians will test and document any changes to and results gathered from your new network wiring. Our commitment to serving you is then seen as we patch the new wiring, run it through the walls and ceilings, and create router racks to ensure that your server rooms, offices, and store floors look professional and presentable.

About CPS

Our company started in 1982, but has since grown and developed into one of the top structured cabling installation services for the McHenry area by providing up to date knowledge, great customer service, quick response, and continued support.
CPS is located just 40 miles from Chicago and can help set up your business’ communication needs by calling (800)762-7672 or (847)548-1600. We look forward to improving the connectivity of your business.

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