Network Cabling and Wiring in Madison, WI

Structured Cabling in MadisonMadison has extraordinarily low unemployment rate of 3.5% and was called, by Forbes, one of the best places to start a business. This means that without structured cabling you may be missing out on a wide range of possibilities to connect, even given the fact that Madison has a high concentration of highways as well as the meeting places for Interstates 94, 39, and 90. Whether you’re using VoIP to team with businesses in other cities, advertising for new customers, creating a website for old customers, or using a cloud service to store vendor data, having adequate connectivity is absolutely necessary for a business of any size including some Madison powerhouses like Human Head Studios, Full Compass Systems, and Spectrum Brands.

For over thirty years Computer Power Systems has been involved in providing businesses with network cabling and structured wiring solutions, developing methods, acquiring knowledge from various fields, and delivering quality service to customers has allowed us to continually serve the businesses of Madison.

Connecting Your Business to the World

There are several considerations to be made in regards to the type of network wiring that you will need. We can provide relevant and accurate information about the subtleties and variations of different products, but one of the most important decisions that will need to be made concerning your business’ cabling and wiring is whether you need Ethernet cabling or Fiber Optic cabling.

Both systems have specific advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed before implementation. These pros and cons are directly tied to the way that Fiber Optic and Ethernet cables are manufactured and the materials that they are made out of. Because of these qualities they transmit data in completely different ways. Ethernet transmits data by utilizing electric impulses down a copper wire while Fiber Optic lines transmit data by sending light signals.

These means of transmission will affect how your phone and data cabling act over varying distances. For instance, Fiber Optic lines can transmit data over an extremely large difference, but can’t transmit as much data at a time. Ethernet, on the other hand, has a short range, but an extraordinarily high speed.

The Best Structured Cabling Installation Service

When CPS leaves your business after installing your new cabling and wiring you will be pleased to notice that our certified technicians don’t leave their job half done. Our technicians will be sure to test and document the changes and status of your system followed by ensuring that your cabling and server room looks professional and presentable by patching wires, routing cables, and creating router relays.

About CPS

We have been serving the businesses of Madison since 1982 with the utmost professionalism and knowledge from several different fields. Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed us to stand the test of time as a business and help your business do the same.

Our offices are located in Grayslake, just 40 miles from Chicago and you can contact us with any questions or concerns at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1600. We look forward to working with your business to improve your security systems

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