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Structured Cabling in JolietJoliet’s population of nearly 150,000 is growing at an extremely rapid pace, being Illinois’ fastest growing city so now is an opportune time for small or mid-size businesses to connect to the newer arrivals and grow their business. Tourism through the Alternate Route 66 to such historic landmarks as the Jacob H. Henry House and the NASCAR Chicago Speedway have a notable effect on the growth of the city and businesses in the community. Although there have been many advancements with connectivity in recent years, much of it is still done through structured cabling solutions. Quality customer care comes directly from having the best network wiring for your business and allowing your business access to those you work with while allowing them instant access to you or to discover you for the first time.

But it’s not just connecting with the population of Joliet that’s important. Hundreds of people arrive each year in Joliet to go to the Chicago Speedway and the Route 66 Raceway, planning vacations ahead of time. You can be a part of that planning through proper phone and data cabling. This will allow your company access to many features that would otherwise be unavailable to your business, such as Internet cloud services, website development, and the all-important VoIP.

Computer Power Systems has been keeping up with the knowledge, equipment and techniques necessary for providing your Joliet business with the connectivity tools it needs to sustain and expand your business to greater things.

Instant Access

Having a basic understanding of the types of network cabling and structured wiring available is vital to allowing your company to choose the proper cabling and wiring that will meet your individual needs. Fortunately, at CPS, we can help you choose between the two major types: Ethernet and Fiber Optic.

When discussing the two main types of wiring, it is important to know exactly why they are different. Ethernet cables are made of copper while Fiber Optic cables are made of plastic or glass. While this seems like a strange differentiation, it is one of the most important when understanding the inner workings, advantages, and disadvantages of the cables themselves.

Ethernet, because of the metal inside, utilizes electrical impulses to transmit data. These impulses can carry a large amount of information, but only over a short distance. On the other hand, Fiber Optic cabling uses light to transmit information from one place to another. This means that less information can be sent at once, but over a significantly longer distance. Knowing how you are going to utilize your connections and over what distance you’ll need to run your cable are important considerations when choosing a cabling system.

Ensuring Your Happiness

CPS is not simply a structured cabling installation service; we are also in the business of client-centered service. This means that we go above and beyond when installing your network cabling and structured wiring. We install, test and document all aspects of your structured cabling system and even clean up any unsightly cabling, patching it correctly, running it through walls and ceilings, and even create professional-looking router racks to keep your server room looking presentable.

About CPS

Allowing CPS to be your chosen structured cabling installation service means that you’ve chosen decades of experience — in different fields, under one roof — with certified technicians that have a passion for the industry and gathering continuing knowledge.

CPS is located just 40 miles from Chicago and can help set up your business’ communication needs by calling (800)762-7672 or (847)548-1600. We look forward to improving the connectivity of your business.

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