Structured Cabling in St. Charles, IL

Network Wiring in Kenosha, WIWhile there are several providers who serve the St. Charles, IL area with network cabling and structured wiring services, only CPS offers you the winning combination of experience, value and exceptional customer service. With more than 30 years in business, we understand what it takes to provide your St. Charles business with efficient network wiring, data cabling and phone cabling that can positively impact your day to day operations. In fact, structured cabling is the core of our business; it’s what we do each and every day, and we take great pride in setting the industry standard of excellence.

Approximately 40 miles outside of Chicago, St. Charles provides local residents and business with convenient access to one of the country’s largest major metropolitan areas. However, this wasn’t always the case. In its early existence, Saint Charles was a very isolated place, and a 3 day voyage from the city. It wasn’t until 1880s when St. Charles linked up with the Chicago Great Western Railway that the town became more easily accessible. When Route 64, Lincoln Highway, 5th Avenue and 2nd Street were constructed the town experienced even more growth, attracting new residents and businesses from throughout the area. So, what does this have to do with data cabling? Whether we are talking about roadways and railways or network cabling and structured wiring, accessibility is vital to the growth of businesses. The exchange of information and goods is what keeps our economy thriving, and helps your St. Charles business succeed in today’s fast paced, highly competitive marketplace. Whether you operate a “brick and mortar’ business in downtown St. Charles or connect with your customers virtually through the Web, CPS can provide you with the structured cabling installation service you need to create a more efficient and streamlined work environment. From a single workstation to a large corporate campus, we have the knowledge and resources to help your business create a solid foundation for the future.

When it comes to structured cabling, phone cabling and network wiring, the provider you choose does make a difference. Not only does CPS bring more than 3 decades of experience to your structured cabling installation service, but we are dedicated to working with you, discussing your needs, evaluating your St. Charles facility and helping you implement network wiring and data cabling that improves your workflow and enhances your capabilities. Is your current relate rack a tangled mess of wires? If you’re not sure where to start, start by giving us a call! The team at CPS can improve your structured cabling and enhance your professional image with existing site clean up. We can install sleeves through the ceiling and utilize ladder racks to provide you with efficient and aesthetically pleasing cable management. Consolidating your network cabling and structured wiring also offers you improved functionality and ease of use. CPS provides our services throughout St. Charles, IL and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, and let us add your name to our long list of highly satisfied St. Charles clients!