Structured Cabling in Racine, WI

Posted on: October 6th, 2015

Advantages of structured cabling network over ordinary cabling networks

As we all grow-up, we find that everything around us has changed. With the rapid development in technology, the way we shop and entertain, the way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate with others, the way we travel- everything have drastically changed. Similarly, the design of data communications cabling system has undergone several changes over the past 2 decades. This network cabling system through which information is transported usually from one device to another within a specific environment has evolved from the proprietary solutions of the 1970’s,  with shielded twisted-pair and coaxial cabling to the growth of standards-amenable  structured cabling systems in the late 1980’s, when unshielded twisted-pair or UTP and optical-fibre or copper wire cable pre-ponderated . A structured cabling system forms the backbone of tele-communication system or network infrastructure of modern businesses and provides a platform upon which an overall information system process is built. We 4 CPS, the first structured cabling company in Chicago also offer the highest quality structured cables available in Kenosha WI, Madison WI McHenry IL, Elgin, Elk Grove, Gurnee and Joliet IL.

Structured cabling system vs. ordinary cabling system

11 Features of structured cabling systems:

  • It is extendable and this enables to retain investments.
  • A single cabling system is used for data, voice and video signal transmission.
  • It allows for combination of both optic fibre and copper wire.
  • It is very flexible, i.e., you can make changes within a couple of minutes.
  • There is no need of relying on the modifications to data transmission technology and the types of active tools.
  • It can be managed easily by few staff members.
  • Cost-effective than ordinary networking system.
  • It is modular and could be improved as well as extended without the need to replace the system in whole.
  • It has the ability to carry high bandwidth, like- IP-based videoconferencing, digital audio and video, which means investing in a solution that is able to support emerging applications.
  • It simplifies troubleshooting, i.e., the problems of this networking system are easy to identify and fix.

Just take the challenge of installing and designing structured cabling systems at home.

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