Structured Cabling in Milwaukee WI, Chicago and Elk Grove Village IL

Posted on: July 28th, 2014

A unified cabling system that streamlines your communications and connectivity requirements


Digital communications is more important than ever and your cabling infrastructure should provide you with the means to transmit data in any format. Structured cabling provides you with greater flexibility as it replaces numerous disparate wiring systems with standardized and unified infrastructure.

Computer Power Systems (CPS) provides structured cabling solutions for businesses and organizations in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Elgin and Elk Grove IL.

A structured cabling system is the backbone of your network and provides you with the flexibility you need in today’s fast paced and highly connected environments. Whether you want to add a PC, a notebook, a tablet, a telephone, a modem, a router, a CCTV camera or a multi-function printer, you have the flexibility and means to it quickly and easily.

With a structured cabling solution you get plug and play capabilities since you run off a single cable that serves specialized sockets in you offices and work areas.  This means you can easily add new people to your network. It is also easier to reorganize work groups and departments.  So whether you add a new wing, move floors or change your work space in some other way, people can simply plug in to the network without hassles and delays.

Structured cabling offers expand-ability which means your wiring solutions can accommodate future growth and cater for new applications and requirements.  A unified cabling solution offers simplicity and is easier to manage than separate and wiring systems.  A modern office requires a variety of equipment and devices to function effectively and connecting these devices with single and unified wiring systems is far more effective and practical than separate cabling systems used in the past.

Trouble shooting problems is much easier in a structured environment. Since structured cabling consists of well-marked and documented sections you can quickly find and solve connection and related problems. All this adds up to a hassle free networking solution that saves you hassles, time and money.

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