Structured Cabling in Melrose Park IL, Schaumburg IL and Milwaukee WI

Posted on: October 6th, 2014

Structured cabling solutions that incorporate open standards and modular design

Structured cabling is the backbone of most networks and as such it needs to be well-planned and professionally installed. Computer Power Systems can help plan and install a structured cabling solution for your business in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Elgin or Elk Grove IL.

A structured cabling system enables the continuous flow of information as well as the sharing of devices and resources.  In the early days we had personal computers on desktops. The next step was to connect them into workgroups so information could be accessed and shared more readily. Work groups were connected to a server. Soon servers were connected together.

Today’s networks are can accommodate complex technologies allowing for the rapid exchange of information. Your structured cabling solution should be able to support all the current and important technologies, including voice, data, video, wireless, VoIP, PoE as well as security.

Modern day network solutions should consider a life-cycle of around 15 years and your cabling system should have an even longer life-cycle. Just as open source is important in the software world, open standards and modular structures are important considerations in your cabling solutions.  Structured cabling systems that adhere to open standards and incorporate modular design are more flexible and can readily accommodate different technologies and applications.

Bandwidth is always important when we talk about cabling and networks. Bandwidth is always in demand and as your network grows so will the demand on your bandwidth. Basically the more bandwidth you can start off with the better.

When you deal with a professional cabling company such as CPS, you can be assured they will help you with all these aspects as well as critical factors such as usage, peak loads, wireless access points, VoIP, security and more.

You want to deal with a company that stays current with technology so that your networks and structured cabling solutions will remain current and even ahead of the curve.

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