Structured Cabling in Elgin and Elk Grove Village, IL

Posted on: December 28th, 2014

Structured cabling infrastructure should comply with industry standards

Structured cabling provides a scalable infrastructure that enables advanced communications in specific areas such as in buildings and facilities as well as across larger areas such as metropolitan areas.  CPS (Computer Power Systems) is a leading suppliers and provider of structured cabling solutions in Kenosha WI, Madison WI McHenry IL, Chicago, Elgin, Elk Grove, Gurnee and Joliet IL.

A structured cabling system will provide a backbone that serves a specific area and this is often referred to as a LAN (Local area Network).  The LAN will also have an entrance facility that enables the local area network to interface and connect to outside services such as telephone and internet services.

The backbone of your local area network will span out to connect various offices, departments and floors to your communication system.  Various components such as routers, cable pathways, fiber optic cables, copper cables, conduits, sleeves, slots and connectors are required to build an effective cabling backbone. A structured cabling system allows different network components and cables to connect with each other.

Connectors enable cabling systems to connect to devices or other cables. For example you may need to connect a fiber optic cable to some device in such a way that the light impulse can be transferred with minimum loss. In case of copper cables the connectors must be able to transmit the electrical signals with minimum loss.

Your cabling system must provide effective communications that integrate voice, data and multi-media such images and video and as such should be designed, planned and installed in accordance with industry standards.

A structured cabling system must comply with industry stands as laid down by the American National Standards Institute as well as TIA/EIA. This ensures that cabling systems have consistency in design, are properly documented and are able to connect and communicate with other networks and services.

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