Structured Cabling in Cicero, Milwaukee and Oakbrook, IL

Posted on: October 31st, 2016

Structured cabling is about standards and flexibility

Structured cabling consists of specific components and sub-systems that adhere to industry standards. Basically one could say a structured cabling system is one that complies with standards such as NSI/TIA-568-C.0 (Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises) and ANSI/TIA-568-C.1 (Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards). If you want a proper cabling system that will support your network and communication requirements now and into the future, then your need a structured cabling system. CPS (Computer Power Systems) can help you with a proper cabling solution in Milwaukee WI or Oakbrook IL.

Standards related to cabling solutions cover all the subsystems involved. These include entrance facilities, equipment rooms, work areas, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling as well as documentation. A cabling solution that adheres to standards is one that will serve your current needs but will also provide you with flexibility you may need going onto the future.

There are many different types of cabling options. For example, you get copper based networks, you get fiber optic networks and you get wireless networks. Copper bases networks such as CAT5 and CAT6 are commonly used for small area and wide area networks. They connect devices, can connect you to an intranet or even connect you to the internet. Fiber optic networks are commonly used for greater distances, high bandwidth demand and where interference is an issue.

Your structured network also has the potential to integrate low voltage business applications such as background music, PA systems and security systems. Wireless applications are also playing a more important role in various communications and networking systems. Wireless systems won’t replace cabling systems but will coexist with and become part of an integrated network and communications system. Structured cabling therefor has to take into account the integration and coexistence of wireless systems.



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