Structured Cabling in Chicago IL and Milwaukee WI

Posted on: June 30th, 2014



Structured cabling solutions that complies with accepted standards and protocols


Structured cabling is the blood supply of most digital and computerized networks.  Such a cabling system provides the infrastructure that enables data, voice, video, access control and telecommunications over the network.

If you need a standardized structured cabling system for your business or facility in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Elgin or Elk Grove IL you should consult with CPS (Computer Power Systems). They are cabling and network specialists who can provide the right cabling solution for your video surveillance, access control, data transmission requirements.

Standards play a huge role in structured cabling as the ensure consistency of design and implementation which means all the elements in your network conforms to accepted standards of performance and functionality. Standards also ensure uniform and effective documentation of your network and structured cabling system.

CPS adheres and complies with all the important cabling standards such as those determined by appropriate organizations and authorities including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as the TIA/EIA.  These organisations have published papers outlining the standards that should be applied and adhered to in structured cabling, design, installation and implementation.

When proper standards are maintained you can be confident that your backbone cabling and related cable pathways, fiber optics, copper wire and connecting hardware elements will all work together in a way that ensures fast high quality transmissions of data, voice and video across your network.

A structured cabling network is also flexible and well documented which means it can grow and expand as your business requirements change.  It does not matter whether you have a small business that requires a simple local area network or a large corporate that require local area and wide area networks.  These structured cabling standards apply to small localised networks (LANs) as well as large distributed networks (WANs).

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