Structured Cabling in Chicago and Milwaukee

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014


Basics to know about structured cabling

 Have you ever thought about what structured cabling refers to? If your answer to this question is yes, then here you can find some valuable information about them.

Structured cabling – short definition

Structured cabling refers to a cabling infrastructure which is made from more various smaller components, and is usually used in the field of telecommunications. They are used to wire apartment buildings, offices, or data centers, and must follow an installation pattern.

The cables that are used most of the times are CAT-5E, CAT-6E, or fiber optic, since these are the main types of cables used for data connections, or voice communications.

Subsystems of structured cabling

The subsystems that together form structured cabling are most of the times

  • Entrance Facilities (where the telephone company network meets with the on-premises wiring),
  • Equipment Rooms (usually a central patch panel that houses all the components)
  • Backbone Cabling (makes the connection between Equipment Rooms or Telecommunication Enclosures)
  • Horizontal Cabling (these cables establish the connection between the Telecommunication Enclosures and the individual outlets)
  • Telecommunications Enclosure (connects the Backbone Cabling with the Horizontal Cabling), and last but not least
  • Work Area Components (they make the connection between the user`s equipment and the Horizontal Cabling).

Almost all cabling companies over the world, including those located in areas such as Arlington Heights, Chicago, Elgin, and even Elk Grove IL, use a color pattern when installing structured cabling systems. In some countries, following a color pattern in order to easily identify a connection, is required by law in the demarcation law field.

The price of such a system has dropped considerably over the years. This is due to the fact that the materials used for structured cabling systems are not expensive, as a consequence of all the advances made in this technological field in the last years.

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