Structured Cabling in Buffalo Grove, IL

Posted on: July 31st, 2015

The right bits and pieces for your high-speed structured cabling solutions

Without proper cabling, i.e. structured cabling your network will not be up to modern day standards.  For proper structured cabling solutions in Kenosha WI, Madison WI McHenry IL, Chicago, Elgin, Elk Grove, Gurnee and Joliet IL you should consult with the experts at CPS (Computer Power Systems).

Basically your cabling system consists of the wires, fibers, connectors, patch panels and routers that distribute information throughout your building, facility or home. Structured cabling systems are often complex multi-tiered and layered systems that can accommodate different types of media, files and waves such as data, images, sound and video. In order for all the bits and pieces to work together in an effective and efficient manner requires a structures approach.

Your cabling system has to support much more than just data. In order to support an array of systems such as security, VoIP, lighting, data, video and voice you need the right combination of copper, fiber and protocols.

Knowing what type of cable is best for a specific application is part of a comprehensive approach and should already be dealt with in the planning and design phase of the project. For example copper cabling is great for specific areas such as a department on a specific floor. Fiber optic cabling is best for linking departments, floors and areas. This is often referred to as a vertical application.

Speed is vital to the success of your network. That is why you need Giga-speed copper for sub-networks and Tera-Speed fiber for vertical and linking deployments.  In some cases you may even need laser optimized fiber cabling solution that deliver speed and can handle multi-mode application across a variety of channels. When these cable deployments are combined with the right connectors, routers, patch panels and protocols you have a structured cabling solution that has the power, speed and flexibility you need.

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