Structured Cabling in and around: Lake Zurich, IL

Structured Cabling in GurneeIn 2006, Lake Zurich completed a four-lane bypass to Route 22. This project rerouted Main Street’s east-west traffic to the south and east of Lake Zurich’s downtown area. The bypass was just one of the pieces to the village’s downtown redevelopment plan. Alleviating traffic congestion on Route 22 has helped make Lake Zurich’s downtown area more pedestrian friendly, improving the accessibility of local businesses. This exposure has proven important for Lake Zurich’s boutiques, restaurants and other “brick and mortar” establishments, but what about businesses that provide services beyond the local area? How can we improve the accessibility of Lake Zurich businesses that depend on outside information and resources or those that want to enjoy a greater outreach? In today’s hi-tech business world, accessibility means many things. It means having the ability to quickly communicate with clients and vendors, operating effectively, and streamlining processes for increased efficiency. It means you need to partner with a network cabling and structured wiring professional like CPS who can help you achieve all this and more.


With more than 30 years in business, CPS has earned a reputation as  Lake Zurich’s trusted choice for network wiring, data cabling and phone cabling. Structured cabling services are the core of our business, so you can be confident that CPS has the experience and resources to help your business stay competitive in today’s dynamic, fast paced market. The right structured cabling installation service can positively affect your day-to-day operations, and that can positively affect your bottom line. With CPS, we have designed our network cabling and structured wiring services to help you operate more efficiently today, while remaining flexible enough to grow with your Lake Zurich business in the future. In fact, we can provide everything from complete testing and documentation to the network design of new voice and data cabling system.


As businesses add on new technologies and expand their operations, relay racks can quickly go from neat and tidy to a tangled mess of unsightly wires. Not to worry — CPS can help! With existing site clean up, we can give your cabling and wiring a neat and polished appearance and improve your image. We accomplish this by installing sleeves through the ceiling, utilizing ladder racks and implementing efficient cable management. Consolidating your phone cabling and network wiring not only enhances the professional image of your Lake Zurich office, but it allows you to easily navigate your structured cabling and improve your efficiency. Our certified technicians can quickly respond to your structured cabling installation service needs anywhere in Lake Zurich or the surrounding Chicagoland area, and no job is too large or too small for our experienced team. We are experienced in providing technology solutions for the full scope of industries. Whatever your communication demands, your Lake Zurich business can benefit from CPS’s professional expertise and decades of structured cabling experience. Contact us today to learn more about everything we have to offer. We appreciate the opportunity to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.