Network Cabling and Wiring Services in Gurnee, IL

Structured Cabling in GurneeGurnee is a town of less than 35,000 people, but is a town of immense opportunity, as evidenced by the flourishing Gurnee Mills Mall, which employs over 5,000 people and contains 200 thriving stores. Being a loved local business can certainly keep your business afloat and being on I-94 around such cities as Kenosha, Arlington Heights, and Chicago means that you need to be able to network not only with your local customers, but with other businesses like Nypro Chicago, Inc. and Lambent Technologies. Even with communication becoming more and more advanced, much of it is still done through structured cabling. Installing a solid communication base in your business will allow you to begin networking quickly and effectively, and allow many people, who may not otherwise know of your business, instant access to your company.

As technology has advanced from dial up communication to advanced high speed technology, Computer Power Systems has kept pace, aiding the communication of Gurnee businesses by providing the best and fastest cabling and wiring available.

Using an educated, resourceful, and passionate structured cabling installation service will provide you with business options that you may not have considered. With newer communication lines and networking capabilities your company will be able to engage with several cloud services and even begin to use VoIP, which will distance your business from the pack.

Allowing the World to See You

There are several considerations to make when you are deciding on what type of phone and data cabling to have installed. The main decision that you’ll have to make is whether or not you would like your business to run on Ethernet cables or Fiber Optic cables.

Ethernet cables have a significantly larger amount of customization options and speeds available, such as Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a while Fiber Optic cables have fewer variations. The main difference between the two is the materials that they are both made of, which allows them to transmit data differently. Ethernet cables are made mostly of metal and transmit data by delivering electrical impulses down the line. Fiber Optic lines are made primarily of glass and plastic and transmit data via light. The way that the data transmits gives these two methods distinct advantages and disadvantages. The electric signals generated by Ethernet cables can transmit more data at once, but Fiber Optic network wiring tends to work over a significantly longer range. Knowing these attributes of each of your network cabling and structured wiring options will allow you to make an educated decision about your cabling and wiring needs.

More Than Just Installation

When CPS comes to your place of business, we don’t simply install your network cabling and structured wiring. Our certified technicians test and document every aspect of your network system so that you can have the utmost confidence in it prior to us leaving your office. In addition, we also leave your place of business cleaner than we found it by patching cables, running lines through ceilings, and installing router racks to clean up messy cables and give your server room a clean, professional look.

About CPS

Although CPS has been around for over thirty years, many of our team members have been in the business for significantly longer, coming from all specialties and ends of the field. This means that you get the collective knowledge of experts with different bases and certifications allowing for expertly crafted methods that have been improved and honed over time.

CPS is located just 40 miles from Chicago and can help set up your business’ communication needs by calling (800)762-7672 or (847)548-1600. We look forward to improving the connectivity of your business.

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