Structured Cabling for The Elk Grove Village Area

Posted on: April 14th, 2014

Structured cabling solution that works the way it is supposed to

When it comes to structured cabling you need the right UTP couplers, patch panels, connectors as well as copper and fiber wiring to integrate your voice, data and video applications. Whether you own an office block in Chicago, a business in Elk Grove Village or a high rise building in Milwaukee, your cabling infrastructure remains a key component of your network and communications.

If you need to upgrade your existing network or install a new infrastructure, you can rely on 4CPS (Computer Power Solutions) as your single source provider for your structured cabling requirements. They provide full and comprehensive cabling solutions including initial consultations, site analysis, design, installation, documentation, testing and support.

You will have a structured cabling solution that meets all your expectations from design and aesthetics, to functionality and reliability. Nobody wants a messy cabling installation that looks awful and is difficult to maintain.  You want to deal with a cable and network suppliers that has all the required accreditations and a proven track record.  You also want a provider that caters for all the important protocols and infrastructures including CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, fiber and wireless.

Apart from your in-house requirements, your communication requirements often have to extend beyond your perimeter and you need  to deal with supplier that knows how and where to plant poles, dig underground channels, mount antennas, place  transmitters and receivers and install any required aerial cabling.

If you want a consistent cabling solution that uses the latest equipment and works the way it is supposed to, then you need the services of a leading cabling installation company. When you engage the services of a supplier such as 4CPS you can be confident you will have a worry free structured cabling installation that will meet your data, voice and video needs for a very long time. You will have a documented and certified cabling and network solution guaranteed to function according to its design and purpose.

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