Network Cabling and Structured Wiring for Elk Grove Village, IL

Network Cabling Elk Grove VillageCommunication is the foundation of any business. Even without an office, without an advertising campaign, and without employees, the beginnings of the growth of a company lie in communication with potential clients, customers, and business partners. Much of this all-important foundation is still managed through structured cabling. Developing relationships with those outside of your business requires proper cabling and wiring. Your company could be in a burgeoning working relationship with HCR Manor Care, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or Automatic Data Processing, some of the leading employers in Elk Grove Village; or your company could be reaching out to the hundreds of tourists that come through Elk Grove Village each year to visit the Ned Brown Forest Preserve or to watch and participate in the Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove. In either instance, rapid communications to the outside and rapid access to your business are paramount in your growth and development as a business.

For over thirty years, Computer Power Systems has been aiding the communication between businesses by providing the best in structured cabling installation services and keeping up with the constant technological changes that come with networking and electronic communication.

Increase Your Reach through Network Wiring

There are several types of phone cabling and data cabling to choose from and to the untrained eye, they may all look the same. The truth is there are several options every business has available to them but they, for most purposes, can boil down to Ethernet cables and Fiber Optic cables.

The difference between these two cabling systems lies in their physical properties and how they transmit data. The electrical impulses carried by Ethernet cables can transmit a significantly greater amount of information, but they go a shorter distance. The light impulses carried by Fiber Optic cables, on the other hand, can send less information at a time but can reach over thirty times as far as Ethernet. The best wiring and cabling solutions for your business are dependent on your individual needs as a business.

Commitment to Professionalism

Just because we’ve hooked your business to the outside world doesn’t mean that we stop there. Our commitment to our clients goes well beyond simply servicing your lines. We also test and document the signals sent and received by the system as well as clean up your server rooms by patching cables to the proper length, running the cables through hidden places, like ceilings, and set tidy and professional looking relay racks to avoid any messes that other companies may leave behind.

About CPS

CPS has been in business for over thirty years and is comprised of people who have been in the business for much longer and come from many different corners of the field, bringing important knowledge and unique techniques to our certified technicians, amazing staff, and ultimately you, the client.

CPS is located just 40 miles from Chicago and can help set up your business’ communication needs by calling (800)762-7672 or (847)548-1600. We look forward to improving the connectivity of your business.

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