Network Cabling and Wiring in Elgin, IL

Network Cabling in ElginWith the growth of homes west of Randall Road and the tourism attraction The Grand Victoria Casino, the importance of being able to connect with the 110,000 people throughout the city of Elgin quickly is becoming evident to many businesses. Not only is it important to connect with the people of the city situated along the Fox River, it’s also useful to connect to businesses in Chicago, only 35 miles away. Although wireless data transmission is a necessary part of business, having network cabling and structured wiring is necessary to add, and keep, important clients, customers, and partners. By having the ability to access anyone you need to at any time as well as allowing them to access your business seven days a week is vital to business.

For over thirty years, Computer Power Systems has aided businesses like yours in allowing the new residents and frequent tourists the ability to communicate freely by installing cabling and structured wiring on the premises.

Well-installed network wiring, phone cabling, and data cabling can add potential layers to your customer base and business opportunities that would have been otherwise impossible. Structured cabling allows your business to have a presence on the Internet, reach clients and customers, and be reached by those interested in your business in ways that it is simply impossible to do without.

Connecting Your Business to Your World

There are several options when it comes to connecting yourself to the world that offers different opportunities and it’s important to be able to know the difference between one and the other when selecting the right kind for you.

CPS provides structured cabling installation service through providing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and Fiber Optic cable. For the majority of business purposes it is appropriate to place them into two categories: Ethernet cables and Fiber Optic cables.

Ethernet has developed to outperform even Fiber Optic cables in several areas, including speed and price, but has yet to catch up to Fiber Optic when it comes to the length of cable that it is useful at. While Ethernet can sometimes send information at over ten gigabytes per second, and Fiber Optic can usually only send one gigabyte per second, Ethernet’s ability to transmit information quickly drops after 300 feet whereas Fiber Optic’s ability to transmit lasts for well over a mile. Knowing these pros and cons and figuring out which type of network wiring would fit best within your business model is extremely important for getting the best quality network capabilities at the lowest cost.

Courtesy to Our Customers

When we come to connect your network to the world, we don’t just connect you and leave you to your own devices. Our certified technicians will test and document changes and results in your phone and data cabling. Just because you’re connected doesn’t mean our job is done, either. We make sure to clean the area and leave it in better condition than we found it. That means running cables through relay racks and through the ceiling as well as patching cords to their proper length, ensuring a clean, non-intrusive, and professional look.

About CPS

Our business is made up of people with decades of experience in fields like security, wide band radio communications, and computer repair. This means that you’re getting decades of knowledge and strategies that can help you integrate your systems and build new and better solutions for your specific needs.

CPS is located just 40 miles from Chicago and can help set up your business’ communication needs by calling (800)762-7672 or (847)548-1600. We look forward to improving the connectivity of your business.

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