Structure Cabling for Plainfield, Illinois

Structure Cabling for Plainfield, Illinois Businesses

Structured Cabling in GurneeStructured cabling has become a very important part of many business infrastructures, and our company, CPS, is a reliable structured cabling resource for Plainfield, Illinois businesses. You would be hard-pressed to find a company with a deeper background in this very specialized field. Our company was started in 1982 when our founder recognized the fact that corporate computer rooms were often in need of organization. We have expanded our expertise as the computer technology industry has evolved, and we are uniquely positioned to provide intelligent structured cabling solutions in Plainfield, Illinois.

This is a village that is attractive for business people, because there is access to a large metropolitan area, but there is a high quality of living with a smaller town feel. We provide personalized structured cabling services throughout the entirety of Plainfield, Illinois, from Normantown to Lily Cache. In fact, we can be there for you if your business is located anywhere in Kendall County or Will County.

If you are starting your business, or if you are expanding to another facility in Plainfield, Illinois, we can provide a structured cabling design that will streamline your infrastructure. We have expertise with voice and data cabling, and we can provide fiber optic solutions. In addition to our original structured cabling design services, we also specialize in existing site cleanups. Over time, your computer rooms may gradually become a cluttered, confusing maze, and you may not have anyone on your staff that is qualified to reorganize these environments properly. This is where we come in. Our highly experienced technicians can implement state-of-the-art site cleanup methods, including the installation of sleeves, racks and ladder racks, relay rack layout redesigns, block and panel labeling, network location patching, and other structured cabling techniques.

Quality Customer Service!

We have been providing structured cabling solutions for decades, and it is hard to duplicate this level of experience. Our company is committed to top quality customer service on all levels, and we understand the fact that structured cabling can be a rather complicated subject. Plus, each business will have an entirely different situation to address. Over the years, we have seen it all, and we can discuss your needs with you and provide a custom crafted structured cabling solution. In fact, if you’re looking for an estimate, we provide free site surveys for our prospective clients. If you would like to speak with one of our knowledgeable Plainfield, Illinois structured cabling specialists, call us right now at 847-548-1600 or 800-762-7672.