Schaumburg IL Structured Cabling from 4CPS

Posted on: June 21st, 2017

Structured cabling for an effective and flexible network


CPS (Computer Power Systems) designs, installs and maintains structured cabling systems and solutions throughout Oakbrook IL, Racine WI, Rockford IL, Tinley Park IL, Valparaiso and Wheaton IL.  A structured cabling system consists of standardised subsystems that are designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance.  Since a structured cabling system is standardised it delivers predictable performance and offers flexibility with respect to add-ons, upgrades and changes.

An unstructured cabling system is typically a point to point cabling system where patch cables are used to add devices to a network. In a structured cabling environment, there is a backbone cabling system in form of connected patch panels.  These panels have connectivity ports that allow devices to connect to the main network.

Benefits of a structured cabling system include:

  • Greater reliability and less down time
  • Faster data transmission
  • Flexibility and future proofing
  • Easier support and maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing – no messy cabling


A structured cabling company such as CPS can provide the following:

  • Effective Voice and Data Cabling Systems
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Fiber Optic Solutions
  • Certified Technicians who adhere to Industry Standards
  • Thorough Testing and Documentation of new and existing Facilities
  • Existing Site Clean-up, Adds, Moves and Changes
  • Network Cabling Design and Consulting

Typical components of a structured cabling system include sleeves, rack systems, patch panels, ladder racks, labels, patch cords and network cabling.

An unstructured cabling environment is generally messy and disorganised. Mistakes cab easily be made resulting in downtime.  It is also difficult to trouble shoot a disorganised cabling system. That also means it is difficult to make changes to an unstructured cabling network.

If you want a proper network solution in Oakbrook IL, Racine WI, Rockford IL, Tinley Park IL, Valparaiso and Wheaton IL, then you need a structured cabling solution from CPS.



Schaumburg IL Structured Cabling from 4CPS is affordable and dependable. Contact us today for structured cabling in your home or business.



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