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Kenosha Access ControlWelcome to the CPS Plainfield, Illinois door access control information page. This is an inviting village that attracts many residents and businesspeople, because it is a historic place with a great deal of natural beauty. Lake Renwick Reserve is in Plainfield, and the forest preserve is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its hiking trails, wildlife watching outposts, and boating opportunities. We are proud to be able to serve members of the community, and we can satisfy your door access control needs anywhere in Plainfield, Illinois, from Normantown to Lily Cache to Village Center. In fact, we provide our services throughout all of Will and Kendall Counties.

Our company was originally founded back in 1982, and door access control has certainly come a long way over the decades that we have been in business. Modern technology has made it possible to provide custom crafted high-tech door access control solutions to Plainfield, Illinois business owners and decision makers. If you work with us, we will evaluate your infrastructure and gain an understanding of your objectives. Ultimately, we will design the door access control solution that is right for you and your business. There are many different possibilities, and one very popular option is the proximity card reader. With these readers people that are authorized to enter a particular area can be issued a card, and they simply swipe the card in the vicinity of the reader to gain entry. This type of system can provide visual verification as well, because the cards can be color-coded. For example, a contractor who needs temporary access may have a red card, and full-time employees may have blue proximity cards.

State-of-the-art door access control systems can provide other benefits to Plainfield, Illinois businesses. Automated systems can be programmed to lock and unlock entry points at different prescribed times. Plus, if you ever have to reconstruct events after some type of incident, you can obtain a record of the comings and goings of cardholders during a particular time frame. These door access control systems can be integrated to coordinate with other systems that you may have in your building, like your surveillance equipment and your employee attendance recording system.

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