Milwaukee, WI Structured Cabling and more

Posted on: February 26th, 2015

Structured cabling systems are able to accommodate increasingly complex applications

Structured cabling is composed of various standardised sub systems such as backbone cabling, entrance facilities, inside wiring, equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, cross-connect facilities, pathways and work areas. A structured cabling system provides a device independent infrastructure for telecommunications, data and VoIP. For structured cabling solutions in Kenosha WI, Madison WI McHenry IL, Chicago, Elgin, Elk Grove, Gurnee and Joliet IL you should consult with the team at CPS (Computer Power Systems).

A structured cabling system offers advantages in terms of flexibility, maintenance, reorganizing, obsolescence and management. In the past a buildings network consisted of multiple wiring systems each with different standards and protocols. This complicated the management of the network and made it difficult to transmit data in any format. A structured cabling solution replaces diverse networks with a unified infrastructure that can transmit data in any format, be it voice, text, pictures or video.

Since a structured cabling system provide a plug and play environment it easy for people to move around and to reorganize work groups or departments. It is also far easier to manage, change and upgrade a single cabling infrastructure than multiple discrete wired systems.

Structured cabling adheres to standards and is designed to carry high bandwidths. It is also designed to be compatible with multiple applications as well as emerging ones.  It is therefore not likely to become obsolete any time soon.

Structured cabling systems must adhere to standard such as those laid down by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the TIA/EIA. This means these cabling systems have a consistency in design, conform to specific transmission requirements and is properly documented. This simplifies the installation of cabling and sub-systems and it also means that structured cabling systems will be able to deliver the performance demanded by increasingly complex applications and arrangements.

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