Kenosha, Milwaukee WI, Downers Grove IL door access control

Posted on: December 6th, 2016

How you can benefit by installing a door access control system?

Are you in search of a company that offers door access control systems then look no further. We at 4 CPS offer these access control systems for schools, factories, offices, hotels and other forms of multi-occupancy buildings. It will help in keeping the assets, buildings and staff safer by restricting access to a building via fob control and proximity card, card swipe systems as well as keypad entry systems utilizing numeric codes or pins. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Chicago, IL, Kenosha, WI, Melrose Park, IL, Milwaukee IL and Oakbrook IL.

The 4 CPS Difference

When you choose access control systems from us you can enjoy the following list of benefits namely,

  • No requirement for re-issuing keys or changing locks if lost or stolen. Via the help of fobs or electronic system card access through a controlled door will be issued. If stolen or lost, it can be de-activated easily or barred hence it is impossible in gaining entry via the door again
  • In fact the issue of doors being left unlocked accidently will be removed for good after installing the access control system. A door controlled by this system will lock automatically once it closes. It can be programmed as well to be unlocked if necessary for a specific time period
  • Every user of the door can be granted access like the front main entrance yet an internal door will only allow access to specific people who require being in such parts of the building. It is known as zone control. In fact, access can be restricted via time as well, so that specific users can gain access only through the doors at a particular time be it during the day or night

When you join hands with us you will be under safe hands as we are licensed and certified and offer the best quality access control systems. Besides our experts will also guide you on how to operate these systems easily.



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