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Kenosha Access ControlIf you are trying to identify a Downers Grove, Illinois door access control specialist, look no further than CPS. We have been assisting people in this area since 1982, and we offer a wide range door access control systems that can suit any business, large or small. Residents of this historic DuPage County city enjoy a very high quality of life, and it is the ideal place to operate a business. Many large companies have headquarters or satellite presences in Downers Grove, including Ambitech Engineering Corporation, MetLife, Microsoft, and the Dover Corporation. Our company will always be standing by to provide door access control solutions in Downers Grove and the rest of DuPage County, Illinois, so ironclad facility security is just a phone call away.

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Every business owner and facility manager must make sure that facility access is effectively controlled. There are various different state-of-the-art Downers Grove, Illinois door access control systems that can be utilized, and the ideal solution will depend upon the circumstances. One type of door access control system that is very efficient on a number of different levels is the proximity card reader.  Authorized personnel are issued a card that is swiped in the vicinity of a reader. The reader identifies the coding if the card is valid, and entry is granted.

The system can keep a record of the comings and goings of all card holders, and this is an additional benefit. Plus, the costs are contained, because the cards are very inexpensive and durable. They can be color-coded, and you can program the system to allow access for a limited amount of time. For example, a regular employee may have a white card that works during all regular business hours, but you could issue a blue card to a contractor who may be granted access for a few days.

If you need a Downers Grove, IL door access control system that provides an added level of security, you may want to consider a biometric system. There is no way to counterfeit the access key, because the systems are designed to recognize physical characteristics, like fingerprints, hand prints, or retinas. 

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