Kenosha, Milwaukee, WI, St. Charles, IL Door Access Control

Posted on: April 26th, 2016

Video surveillance and door access control function together to prevent and protect

If you need security at your fingertips, video surveillance is the answer. Computer Power Systems has the right security solution for your home or business in Tinley Park IL, Schaumburg IL, Oakbrook IL, Naperville IL, Chicago, Pleasant Prairie WI, Racine WI or Rockford IL, including high definition video surveillance and state of the art door access control.

HD IP cameras have taken video surveillance to a new level. These integrated cameras are part of a security solution that will protect your business against theft and improve worker productivity and safety. Modern day video surveillance solutions enable you to see what your cameras see – from just about anywhere.

Scalable IP security cameras offer video surveillance solutions for your business or your home. It does not matter whether you have a small business, large business or something in between, there is a video surveillance solution that right for you.

Whatever incidents take place in and around your property can be recorded on high definition video footage. Whether there is an altercation, an intrusion or just something suspicious, video surveillance will provide you with footage that will show exactly what transpired. When you combine high definition IP cameras and advanced video management software then you get a video surveillance system that will help protect your workers and your assets.

Door access control is another important aspect of building security. By only allowing authorised people to gain access to your building you improve and increase office security 10 fold. Whether access is by way of proximity cards or biometric identification, the goal remains the same – keep out unwanted intruders and only allow authorized personnel. Door access control systems can also be integrated with time and attendance systems thereby improving administration and accounting.

A complete building security system will incorporate various elements such as video surveillance, real time surveillance, door access control and software management that function together in order to prevent and protect.

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