Door access control in Milwaukee, WI, Dekalb and Joliet, IL

Posted on: October 2nd, 2016

All that you need to know about door access control

Door access control presents an absolutely novel means for business owners and people to feel secure as well as gain control on their commercial or residential environments. Ideal for office buildings, homes and gated communities as well the access control systems for doors that we at 4 CPS offer is available in assorted styles and specifications and will allow access from different key methods such as fingerprint identifiers, voice readers, swipe cards and key codes thereby allowing the needed protection and security for whatever the condition requires. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Joliet, IL, Kenosha, WI, Melrose Park IL and Oakbrook IL.

Benefits galore

  • Electronic keys are difficult to duplicate- though physical keys may fall in the wrong hands as well as be manipulated, distributed and copied, but this rarely will be the case in an electronic version. This means with electronic keys you can enjoy an additional layer of protection in your home or business
  • No tension to lose the keys- as access control needs no physical key so there is no tension regarding losing the key or even forgetting it somewhere thereby locking oneself at home or in the business. Besides, one does not require carrying many keys with them or recalling multiple codes as the code is individualized via the user and not by the door.
  • Access control is tailor made for each user- the access control will enable you in minimizing the risk exposure by not granting more access compared to absolutely needed for every specific user as well as in just any given situation. Via door access controls one can easily and quickly set the user-level control via specific time or location.
  • Enable for remote access- no matter where one is, with these systems you can offer access to your commercial or residential residence remotely

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