Door access control in Kenosha, Milwaukee, WI, Plainfield, IL

Posted on: September 7th, 2016

Door access control helps to prevent unwanted incidents

Building security is not a luxury but rather a necessity. The first line of security for you small business in Dekalb IL or your big business in Milwaukee WI is door access control. Door access control is no longer a lock and key – that just does not cut it anymore. Door access control has come a long way since the traditional key and lock.

Modern day door access control is far more advanced and automated. Access card, proximity cards, keypads and back end databases are the order of the day. Biometric access control systems are also gaining traction. Effective building security requires more than just access control. Intercom systems, video surveillance and remote monitoring are all important components of an effective building security system.

With door access control you limit access to authorized personnel. This does not only have to apply to the main entrance. You can restrict access to certain people and even at certain times. Automation is another important aspect when it comes to access control. Doors that close can automatically lock. Doors can also be programmed to lock and unlock automatically at certain time.

Mostly door access control is designed to prevent security breaches. However, In the event of an incident information about who was in the and wo was not can be vital to any subsequent investigation.

Door access control can be integrated with other important business systems such as time and attendance and can help to simply wages. You can even integrate an access control system to your air conditioning system so it can adjust according to the number of people in the building.

Building security, whether in the form of access control, video surveillance, is about prevention. It is better to prevent an incident than to deal with the consequences afterwards.


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