Door Access Control and Video Surveillance in Elk Grove Village IL, Kenosha and Milwaukee WI.

Posted on: August 4th, 2014

Custom door access control and video surveillance systems

Door access control plays a pivotal role in building security and the safety of staff and personnel.  An electronic door access control system not only restricts access to authorized personnel but also keeps a record of who enters and leaves your building. Access control can applied throughout areas of your facility and is not restricted to the main entrance. The importance of building security is not disputed. However deciding which access control and video surveillance systems are right for your business is a more tricky issue.

For a custom tailored business security solution in Joliet, Chicago, Elgin or Elk Grove IL you should consult with the experts at Computer Power Systems (CPS).

Access control and video surveillance are two vital components of an effective building security solution.  You want a system that prevents crime in the first place. Prevention is preferable to cure and it is well known that an effective security system deters would be criminals and felons.  However the functions of a security system extend beyond the prevention of criminal acts. Not all incidents are criminal in nature and video surveillance system can provide valuable footage about any incident be it criminal or innocent in nature.  Video surveillance systems can also be monitored in real time and this enables a remote security officer to respond to any incident.

The advantages of an integrated security system consisting of door access control, CCTV cameras and video surveillance are clear.  You can restrict access to sensitive areas and visually identify visitors before gratings access. You can also respond to an incident in real time and use electronic records and footage as evidence in any subsequent investigations and proceedings.

It does not matter whether you are a small, medium or large business, CPS can tailor a building security solution suited to your needs and your budget.

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