Door Access Control and Video Surveillance in Chicago, Elk Grove Village

Posted on: February 19th, 2014

Cabling and wiring are the backbone for door access control and related systems

Door access control is vital part of building security that enables you to restrict access to authorised people. Access control can also be selective and flexible allowing access or restricting access to certain sensitive areas. This can also be based on specific times so that certain people can have access at certain times. For example you can restrict general building access after working hours.

When you need proper security for your buildings in Aurora, Chicago, Boilingbrook or Joliet, Computer Power Systems (CPS) can provide you with a turnkey solution that includes access control, video surveillance, cabling and wiring, telecommunications and more. To function properly any access control or surveillance system requires proper network cabling and wiring.

In todays connected work structured cabling is essential for a modern office and business environment. Quality cabling and wiring means your internet connection work properly, your voice and video calls are clear and your security and access control systems function correctly.  Structured cabling requires a team that is experienced in installing and connecting an array of cables including cat5, and cat6 as well as fibre optic cables.  Structured cable installations can be complex and calls for certified technicians who adhere to industry standards, test their work and also document their work and the related cable designs.

You don’t only want your cable and wiring to be functional, the installation must also be professional, neat and tidy. This involves the use of sleeves, rack systems, proper labelling, patch cords and cable management.

You need proper cabling and wiring for functional and working video surveillance systems, access control systems, tele-communication systems and more. Cabling and wiring is the backbone that enables these systems to work and integrate in a functional manner. Cable installation is a job that is best left to true professionals who know and understand cables, wires, related protocols and methods.

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